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Writing is reading

Hi—everyone, I bring joy news today. Finally, after the journey I wrote before. You can read them on my blog with the same prefix title.

Today, I am announcing that I already publish the thing that I learned so far (HTML+CSS). Yes, I published my website using my own code, learn and build it from scratch. You can visit my website at

Finally, I can create a website that I really want. The interface, the content, the dark mode—until the font that I love. Now I combining both Pangea Text Font as a body, and Nikolai Font as a header and navigation links.

The Codeney series would not stop here. I am planning to build something bigger in the future. Something that I really want next. But I cannot implement it yet. It’s a lot of work I guess, but I still got the spirit. My heart still beating, my head still burning—and my eyes are always sleepy.

I feel blessed today, I wish you too. Have a nice day!

This is the Codeney #06—The Publish. See you on my next #code journey.

I love my own title, it’s simplified my complicated case into a good sentence.

So, as the title said, everything is work—until I move to the next task. Creating the CMS! Yeah, I love torturing my own brain, sorry brain. I will give you some good movies later, I will buy you some awesome tasteful foods, and I will entertain you with a good video game as well—once we finished these cruel things.

My latest problem with CSS in the previous short and unmotivated article was solved. Finally, I can manage to craft a good CSS exactly like what I want. And you know what? My joy and pride feel are just end up one day only. Because after everything I code before, I have to move to the next task. And this is the beginning of another episode of frustration.


As the title said, the Yesterday issue is not solved yet. Thanks for coming to my TED talk, Ladies and Gentlemen. Good evening.

This is the Codeney #03.5—The Yesterday Issue. See you on my next #code journey.

Talk about the responsive issue I had earlier, does it solve? The best answer is yesn’t. But, actually, it works smoothly between devices even with the smallest pixel device (320px). All of the elements work exactly like what I want, except this what I should call them? I think the “Hover-up Squad” would be a cool name.

So, this Hover-up Squad is actually a drop up feature I want to implement on my Footer. The first thing I do is created it, by doing that, I have to find a tutorial on the internet to be able to finish that thing. Because I am cannot do it before. Thanks to Drew Overcash for his awesome tutorial.


Since I pass the high school era and begin to work. I always tend to buy something whether it’s online or offline by its cover.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

That motto above does not really affect me. Unless there is someone who told me about a product that is really good. I can pick it up, even tho I will rant in my mind like “Wtf this product cover does? So, ugly I really want to redesign it”.

Every time I want to buy something online, I always judge by its cover (how it looks). Because visual is really matters to me, that is the first thing I saw when buying products. That’s why I set up my own blog using the font that I really want. It’s because I love sans-serif more than serif. Even tho have their own sans-serif font—but man, I have my own taste.


After I dealing with the initial issue which is the light or dark mode toggle. Now I got another issue, it’s called “Responsive”. Sure, I spent a night figuring out what the fuck is wrong with my code. Nothing change with yesterday, it always has an issue of its own.

I try different methods—which is I was using the @media screen, the width, and the min—max width. All of them are did not works like exactly what I really want. I have no idea which one is the most reliable.


Yesterday, I do a web design practice. First, before it started, I do the design in Figma—and then I begin to open my VS code program. Creating index.html—then continue to the style.css.

In the first 2 hours, it began smoothly like what I want and it does look the same as the design on Figma. After that, I began to implement the dark and light mode toggle. It was there on the design as well. And guess what? Yes, I cannot implement it correctly. I do inspecting the elements on my browser—and actually, the code does change, but not with the visual. It still shows the light mode.


Since 2 years ago, my taste in design alignment has changed. It was from the mixing left and center together to become align-left is always the priority. I change this habit not spontaneously, it’s because I learn something in the past. And I realize most of us all reading from left to the right, especially people whose native language is written using the Latin alphabet.

I born and live in Indonesia, my ethnicity is Javanese. We have our own unique typography called Honocoroko. And since my ancestor era, the Javanese script itself is written from left to the right, same as how the Latin does. And because of that, my reading habit is always arranged since the day I born. Left to the right. I was able to read and wrote a Javanese script in my childhood—but now I have no idea how to read them. Even the simple one, what a shame generation, pardon me, my ancestors.


Finally, I can host fonts using the CDN perfectly. It was using the Digital Ocean Space Storage feature. I was tried Google, Amazon—and the G-Core Labs CDN as well. Both of them are not fixing the problems I have.

I mean, I have no idea how to do it easily. I am not a programmer. I already set the bucket into public, but the CORS blocked messages always appear on the browser. That means, my fonts will not be loaded perfectly on my site.


This is just an overhype story of me who just bought my first font ever. Last Thursday (15th April) would become my first over-excitement of buying digital assets online on the internet. Why not? The item I bought was an awesome font called Pangea. I bought the Pangea Text Family if you ask the exact thing. Pangea font was crafted and designed by Christoph Koeberlin.

Short story, I have discovered this font like a month before the day I purchased it. I knew it from a Twitter user, I forgot the username (I will update it once I remember it). Since that day, I was so tempted to have it.

I really want it, I must have it!

3 days later, the temptation is getting higher. I really want to have it. I visited Fontwerk’s website—and the price is actually out of my range. So, I download the Pangea Trial. I tried to use it on my resume. I opened my Figma files, duplicate my resume—and change all of the fonts with Pangea.


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